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Meet Achai Wiir, South Sudanese Who Owns Businesses Across Africa Worth $161m At 28

Estimated at about a networth of $161 Million equivalent to 590 billion Uganda shillings, born in 1992, Achai Wiir is only 28 years of age and continues to run a franchise of businesses in South Sudan, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya and Congo. While she majors in real estate business, she has also not ignored textile, money transfer, hardware and car dealings as businesses that will keep her a float as arguably East Africa’s most promising young entrepreneur.


Achai Wiir is one shining youth in Africa. South Sudanese Achai Wiir has defied all odds to beat the African wealth accumulation norm and made a fortune for herself. Achai Wiir is a known South Sudanese businesswoman and philanthropist who has made a business empire but also given back to her community.

Achai Wiir has also used her philanthropist in her to reconcile her broken country South Sudan with her neighbor as she played a vital role given her long time diplomatic ties with neighboring countries.

Achai Woir among many other things owns business chains under her Achai Wiir name including; Achai Wiir Supermarket, Achai Wiir Kids Boutique, Achai Wiir Gentlemen Boutique and Achai Wiir Restaurant.


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