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Meet A 5-Year-Old Whose Acts Of Bravery Made 2017-Christmas An Incredible One  

The 2017 Christmas holiday has had many remarkable events, but above all, it’s a black boy called Tylon Pittman whose actions made the celebration, one of its own kind.

A 5-year-old boy from Mississippi recently took matters into his own hands upon realizing that the Grinch had shown up to steal his Christmas.

Immediately, little Tyson Pittman dialed 911, hoping that the police would prevent the foreseen crime. And guess what? Police did exactly that.

“Our dispatcher shared a status on the department’s Facebook account that she’d received a 911 call from a little boy who thought that the Grinch was going to steal his Christmas,” officer Lauren Develle of Byram police department reported the story.

“So I asked our dispatcher to send me the boy’s address.”

Develle later visited the family’s home to assure TyLon that Pittman’s Christmas would be safe. And instead of the officers battling with the Grinch, as TyLon had hoped, the incident to be fun.

TeDera Dwayne Graves, the boy’s older brother, later posted the video clip of the sweet encounter on his Facebook account.

“I can’t make this up! My 5-year-old brother called 911 and reported that the Grinch is stealing people’s Christmas and so he doesn’t want [him] to steal his. Officers really came to our house!” Graves wrote. “Officer Develle, thank you so much! You made TyLon’s night!”

During the meeting, officer Develle asked little Tyson, “what are you planning to do if the Grinch tries to snatch away your Christmas?”

“I want you all to come back here and take him into custody,” Tyson replied, with a lot of seriousness.

“I promise you, the Grinch won’t come to steal your Christmas again,” Deville promised TyLon. “I won’t allow that to happen.”

But to convince TyLon that indeed they were serious, police decided to something; they apprehended the Grinch the following day.


Develle and other officers put a costumed Grinch in front of TyLon and gave the little boy an opportunity to ask the suspect a few questions.

“Why are you stealing people’s Christmas?” TyLon inquired. The Grinch simply shrugged.

And at that point, an angry TyLon shut the Grinch into the cell and declined to allow him out. The costumed character ended up applauding the little boy for his bravery.

But the boy’s family was the ones who enjoyed it the most.

“For police to go this far and make this happen, especially for Tylon who dreams to be a cop, it means a lot!” Graves said. “And it just proves that still there are some good people out there.”


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