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Meek Mill Says a ‘Man’ Left A Racist Message On His Grandmother’s House: ‘Don’t Let Us Catch You’

Meek Mill said a ‘white man’ vandalized his grandmother’s Philadelphia home with a racist message. He also captured surveillance footage of the act and sent a tweet about it.

In his message, the rapper said his grandmother used to live in an all-Black neighborhood until gentrification came, and he also promised to give a little street justice to the perpetrator.

“A white man sprayed a racial remarks on my grandmom’s house last night in South Philly referencing white privilege,” wrote Meek. “The crazy part is this was a all Black neighborhood 20 years ago. It was gentrified and now this. Just don’t let us catch you, coward … The funny part is we just bought this house. After it’s remodeled more Blacks coming soon.”

Meek Mill said a white man spray painted a racist message on his grandmother's home


Later it was discovered the man wrote the word “ACORN,” which according to Meek and his team is a reference to white power. The “What’s Free” rapper already filed a vandalism report with police, who’ve said they’ve already started an investigation.

After Meek shared the surveillance footage, many said they were sorry this happened to his grandmother, while others said the spray paint wasn’t a racist remark, just something written by a Philly graffiti artist named Acorn.

“Can we zoom in on this terrorist?” someone tweeted. “What he did is a hate crime, terrorism, vandalism, threatening personal safety, trespassing and maybe a few other crimes. Find him and press charges.”

This is horrible and I hope someone can identify him in the video.” wrote another. Police have yet to issue an official statement.


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