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Mediterranean Sea: 6000 African Migrants Rescued In 48 Hours!!

A total of six thousand (6,000) migrants from sub-Saharan Africa were rescued in the Mediterranean, based on information from the Italian Coast Guard who carried out several rescue operations this weekend in coordination with Those of Libya.

According to bbcafrique, some of these migrants have already been landed in Italy aboard the Aquarius, the ship of Médecins sans Frontières.

On Friday alone, about 20 relief operations rescued 3,000 migrants who were on board inflatable boats and makeshift boats from Libya to Italy.


Mediterranean: 6000 migrants rescued 48 hours

In recent months, the two countries have taken the decision to intensify the fight against illegal immigration, uniting their forests.

In accordance with the agreement, Italy has delivered two stars to Libya on 21 April, and eight more are expected by the end of June 2017. In 2016, 181,000 migrants returned to Europe by The Italian coasts.


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