Medical Video: Here Is What Eating Pork Does Inside Your Body!!

The consumption of pork is forbidden in many countries and one of the great reasons is because it’s considered as “unclean”. Do you need any other explanation? What is happening with the mankind? It seems that it’s more than a religious belief.Pigs eat practically everything even feces, urine and spoiled substances, so they are considered as scavengers. Pigs process the food in four hours so their digestive systems can not eliminate aggregated poisons. This is long enough and the poisons are later stored in organs and fat cells in the animal itself.The latest study that was conducted by “Consumer Reports” proved adulteration with Yersinia enteroclitica – which actually represents dangerous microorganism that causes cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal sickness and fever. What is more worse, pork slashes is less prone to adulteration than ground pork.The presence of various contaminants such as ractopamine, was also revealed in the research. The large amount of microorganisms brings risk to the treatment of various diseases or even death.

Many creatures, infections and parasites thrive in pigs are can be directly transmitted in the consumers.

There is no ensured temperature when we talking about cooking pork besides coking the meat decreases the dangers brought by parasites.If you can not live without pork, you should seriously consider the following rule: you can only eliminate any harmful microorganisms by using a meat thermometer which will ensure you that it actually reaches the best temperature.The ideal cooking temperature is 145 F for entire pork and 160 F for ground. Ask for proclamations when we talk about antibiotic utilization. Try to buy pigs that have not been fed with anti toxins and ractopamine.In the season of slaughter, 80% of pigs in the states suffer from pneumonia. Feces and ammonia from their urine disturbs pigs. This article offers you only a tiny bit of what is going on, this terror continues endlessly away from our eyes.

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