Maxine Waters Tears Down Donald Trump, Again


President Donald Trump has been having many critics since he unveiled his interest to become the president of the U.S.

But the president has not had a backlash from anyone else, comparable to that which comes from Maxine Waters. In fact, today if the president drafted a list of his critics, Rep Waters must appear somewhere in the top ten names.

Well, this time, too Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) didn’t hold back her critical remarks against President Donald Trump.


The rep joined other leaders and people across the globe to criticize president Trump for reportedly suggesting that Haiti and some of the African nations were—“shithole countries.”

Trump made these comments in a White House meeting with the lawmakers while suggesting for increased protections for immigrants from the named countries.

After the criticism became too hot for him to bear, Trump started to claim that he did not use those specific words.

But Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.)—who was there when he uttered the words—made it hard for the president to deny it when he insisted that “Trump did utter those remarks.”

Many people expressed their displeasure about the disrespectful remarks—but of course, the critical wave could not settle without Rep Waters giving her contributions too.

Well, during a recent interview, with stand-in host Joy Reid, on MSNBC’s ‘All In With Chris Hayes,’ rep Waters expressed her frustrations with the president.

She claimed that the country is currently being “represented by the most despicable person who could, possibly, ever walk this earth.”

“I really don’t know when the Americans are going to be tired of this lying man in the name of the president,” she stated, asking those who defend the president to reevaluate their positions.

Waters also issued another statement regarding Donald Trump’s reported comments—in which she called him “an indecent and a racist man with no good values at all.”

“Please read my statements on Trump’s racist slurs about the immigrants!” she continued.

She finalized by echoing rep Green’s plan to impeach the president, explaining that the Congress members were sleeping in their jobs, by choosing to sit back and watch Trump issue such awful remarks, without facing any consequences.

“Donald Trump is a national embarrassment and a disgrace,” she continued. “Members of the Congress have a vital responsibility to our democracy and to the American people to impeach such president.”


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