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Mauritius To Reopen Borders Under Strict Measures

The Mauritius Tour Beachcomber from 30 April to 2 May 2020 | Mauritius  Resort

Mauritius will reopen its borders from 1 October under strict Covid-19 safety measures.

Those arriving will be required to quarantine for 14 days at their cost – which is estimated to be about $1,300 (£1,000) per person.

Tourism experts have faulted the quarantine cost as too high.

Tourists can choose to spend the fortnight in either three-star or five -star hotels.


Quarantine costs for Mauritians returning from medical treatment abroad will be covered by the government, said Zouberr Joomaye, an adviser at the Prime Minister’s office.

Airline bookings and hotel room reservations will only be made online.

The government said priority will be given to returning Mauritian nationals, licensed residents, those employed in Mauritius and tourists.

No local cases of Covid-19 have been detected for more than 150 days now, but a few imported cases have been registered.

Mauritius has so far recorded 10 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.

The country relies heavily on revenues from tourism and its economy has been severely hit by the pandemic.


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