Matters Arising From Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit to Kenya (2) by Sunday Folayan

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is currently in Nairobi to meet Kenya’s entrepreneurs and developers. The Internet entrepreneur announced his arrival on his Facebook page and says he hopes “to learn about mobile money — where Kenya is the world leader”.

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Below is the part 2 of Matters arising from Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Africa by Rev Sunday Folayan


Mark Zuckerberg is now in Kenya. In the picture above, he is flanked by:

1. Cabinet Secretary (Minister) of ICT and Innovation – Joseph Mucheru, Ex Google Employee who personally maintains hi s facebook and twitter accounts.
2. Permanent Secretary of ICT and Innovation – Victor Kyalo. Ex Head of the Kenyan Research and Education Network.


You still wondering why Zuckyboy did not reckon with any Nigerian Government officials nor hop to Abuja? Wonder not far …

As observed long time ago, by my friend Becky Wanjiku, Mucheru is deep and the first guy that google hired in Africa. Both Mucheru and Kyalo were involved in policy advocacy and ICT sector involvement through the Kenya ICT Network (KICTANET), an online forum that allowed members to contribute to government policy, and the Telecommunications Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK), a private sector lobby group

Those guys grew out of the Kenyan ICT ecosystem and are still part of the ecosystem as this picture clearly shows.

Just like nollywood went ahead to carve itself a niche without any support from Culture and Tourism, Just like the Dream team won bronze without any long thing from Dalung, our Techpreneurs have proven that they are not working alone to lift Nigeria higher … Angels Gabriel, Michael and the host of Heaven are with them.

Need I say anymore?


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