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Master Degrees In All Areas Of Study, Meet The Indian Professor With 145 Degrees In 30 Years

A professor in Chennai, India has gotten an amazing 145 degrees over a time of 30 years — and has no plans to quit examining at any point in the near future.

Teacher VN Parthiban, 56, began his mind blowing venture after he attempted to get his first degree. He regularly stirred up his course work and concentrated for the wrong tests.

Subsequently, he neglected to get acceptable outcomes, rankling his mom. After his graduation, he began working however longed to move forward. He in this manner selected for another degree


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He gained interest in a wide variety of subjects and soon found himself obtaining one degree after another. In an interview, he said: “In the last thirty years I have been continuously in the process of preparing for exams and applying for new degrees or diploma courses.

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His degrees include 3 Master of Science degrees, 8 Master of Law degrees, 8 Master of Commerce degrees, 9 Master of Business Administration degrees, 10 Master of Arts degrees, and 12 various research degrees.

However, the intense knowledge intake has affected his memory, as he struggles to recognize people sometimes. He is married with two kids.


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