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“Mass is not a spectacle”: Pope Asks Bishops, Pilgrims To Put Away Their Smartphones During Prayers

Pope Francis does not appreciate how pilgrims and bishops take photos with their smartphones during prayers. He severely urged them to leave their devices, recalling that the Mass was to remain a frugal moment.

"Mass is not a spectacle": when the Pope asks bishops to put their smartphones© Andreas Solaro Source: AFP Pope Francis

“The priest who conducts the ceremony says” Let’s raise our hearts “. It does not say “lift your cell phones to take pictures.” This is what the Vatican Radio quoted the pontiff as saying to his audience gathered on November 8 in Saint Peter’s Square. , at the Vatican.


“I see that when I celebrate mass, here or there, there are people who spend their time on their phones. Not only the faithful, but also bishops. It’s so sad ! Please, stop doing that. Mass is not a spectacle! “Said Pope Francis, adding that prayer was above all” a sacred moment and the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord “.

This is not the first time that the pontiff castigates smartphones and those who use them abusively. In 2014, in Germany, he had urged young people not to “waste time chatting online by tweaking their smartphones.”

Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Argentina, has become extremely popular for his open-minded speeches and humility during his speeches.

The pontiff is also very popular on social networks: he has more than 14 million subscribers on his Twitter account in English and nearly 5 million on Instagram.


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