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Marvel Studio Confirms the Release of Black Panther 2

The long wait caused by Black Panther has been filled to the delight of fans of the 7th art since February 14th. The film integrated in one month, the family of billionaire films at the global box office while continuing its meteoric rise e.

Marvel Studio director Kevin Feige recently confirmed the possibility of a ‘Black Panther 2’. “We have nothing concrete to announce, except that we will obviously make a follow-up. One of our favorite hobbies at Marvel Studios is to meet up to talk about a movie and talk a lot about what we can do next. There was a lot of talk about Black Panther . We have some ideas and a pretty solid direction to head for this second installment, “said Marvel’s director at Entertainment Weekly.


Marvel took risks, and went the extra mile by focusing on the quality of the team behind the Black Panther project. A team that is special and attracts fans, only in terms of the choice of actors .

With this announcement, the kingdom of Wakanda certainly did not finish its conquest. It remains to be seen if the cast will retain the same actors for “the second phase” of the film.

For the time being, Marvel is busy with the imminent and highly anticipated release of the movie “Avengers 3”.


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