Marvel Honors An African-AmericanOwner Of A Comic Book Store

Just under a year after he took over a library of Philadelphia, Ariell Johnson, 33, is on one of the covers of the first issue of the Invincible Iron Man series. It is represented alongside Huey Williams, a black teenager at the center of this new saga edited at Marvel.

Ariell Johnson, the first black woman to open a brand specialized in comic books in Philadelphia, the honors of a new Marvel in November (screenshot).

It is represented a coffee in hand, smiling: the tribute could not make him happier. In life, as explained .mic , Ariell Johnson has two passions: coffee and comic books.

Became in December 2015 the first African American woman to take charge of a comic book store, it will be in November on one of the covers of the first issue of Invincible Iron Man, the new Marvel series that particular stage Huey Williams, a black teenager.

His project and energy have attracted Marvel

Through this gesture, the famous publisher, best known for the adventures of Spiderman, Daredevil or Avengers , wished to acknowledge the work of the owner of the Amalgam Comics & Coffee Shop , a sign installed in Philadelphia who wants “a space that celebrates diversity.”


“By opening this facility, I was well aware that this world is dominated by men, mostly white, told Ariell to NBC News earlier this year. But by creating this place, I have not done telling me that I wanted to be the first. “

His energy has attracted all cases. That these customers Philadelphia or comic fans in the rest of the United States, who could see facilitate meetings around the Marvel heroes-especially for the launch of the series Luke Cage from Netflix – all have learned to appreciate it.

The loop initiated with the discovery of Storm is looped

That’s how Marvel had the idea of staging it in a comic alternative blankets by Randy Green. The applicant is obviously honored. She sees this honor as a sign of progress and a way to loop a loop entirely personal.

“When you’re a young person of color, as anyone is someone who seeks to identify. I have long felt to read the adventures written for other people,” says t- it to ABC News . Until she discovers the character Storm in X-Men. A black woman, too. “This was a key moment for me. This is what allowed me to grow the love of comics that I have in me.”

Moreover, it is also why she opened her business. For all the black girls who love comics can come and talk, all together.


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