He Marries His 6 Year Old Daughter To A Mullah, 55 Years For A Goat And Rice! Guess where it happened!

Incredible but true! Gharibgol, a 6 year old girl has only just been married to his village mullah Obey, Afghanistan 55 years old by his father.The dowry of this unusual marriage creates controversy consisted of a goat and a few kilograms of rice.

Between the 6 year old girl and her husband Seyed Abdolkarim, there are 49 years apart. In other words, the groom could be the grandfather or great grandfather of his new wife who is still far from seeing her first period. Although Afghan law allows minor girls to marry (they must be at least 16 years), it does not allow them to do it in the cradle as is the case for Gharibgol.


“After their marriage, Mullah took her to Firozkoh in Ghor province, living in the house of one of his distant cousins. It was initially thought that she was his daughter. But he discovered reality when he saw Mullah undress for the night to sleep with her (according to medical tests on the girl in Ghor hospital, there was no sexual intercourse). he asked Mullah if it was not his daughter. Seyed Abdolkarim responded by saying it was his wife. the cousin then related the story to a friend, who called the local office of women’s rights in the province Ghor, which has “called the police and also warned me”, says Fawad Ahmady journalist in Herat.

Hearing that case, police arrested Mullah and Gharigbol father who was beaten by the women of his village before being taken to the station.

Source: Times Gabon


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