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Maria Barranca Sends a Message to Samuel Eto’o About their “19-Year-Old Daughter”

For some time, Samuel Eto’o is at the center of a new controversy. He is indexed by the name Maria Barranca, to be the biological father of his 19 year old daughter Annie. To compel the legendary attacker of the indomitable lions to recognize his status as a father, Maria Barranca reportedly complained to Samuel Eto’o’ club.

On social networks, it was even announced that Samuel Eto’o was wanted by Interpol. Some sources even said he threatened and intimidated Maria Barranca. In response to all these statements, Maria Barranca sent a message to the former striker of Barça and inter-Milan. According to our colleagues Lebledparle,  Maria Barranca indicated that she was never threatened by Samuel Eto’o.

”  Eto’o never threatened me, I never said that … I do not hate him  “


Annie’s mother has also indicated that she wants to see the truth broadcast on the web and no longer “manipulated information”. She said: ” I have never been threatened by Samuel Eto’o. We talk through our respective lawyers, we do not have contact directly so it is false information to say that Samuel threatens me. I’ve never been threatened by Eto’o, I’m not a liar you know. I trust you to broadcast only the real information, I have no personal problem with Samuel and we have already found an agreement through our lawyers … I sincerely hope that this case stops there .

Maria Barranca sends a message to Samuel Eto'o about their "daughter"

Since the authentic document is written in Spanish, a translation into French has proved necessary.

”  Samuel, I want you to know that I’ve always fought for Annie with all my strength, but I’ve never felt hate … if we do things right I assure you that we all will benefit. The benefits will be especially for her (Annie) and for her future. Anna »

For its part the top scorer in the history of the indomitable lions did not react. Rarely, if ever, making public appearances on his private life, Samuel Eto’o will probably not speak on this story.


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