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How Margret Kenyatta And Ethiopia’s First Lady Shock Kenyans With Their Similar Features (Photos)

The Kenyan First lady has long wowed us with elegance, remarkable clothing, passion, philanthropy and her non debatable nature.

Yesterday though she was hosting her counterpart from Ethiopia Roman Tesfaye and the two ladies had people amazed not just by their stately appearance but their similarity in a number of ways. First in their almost similar height, skin color, graying hair, all are bespectacled and almost the same shape of the face.

They may not look like twins or accurate doppelgangers or twins but they sure do pass of as siblings here are some of the photos of the two who together donated a mobile clinic in Kirinyaga. Kenyans all over commented of the striking similarity while Margaret Kenyatta lauded her counterpart as a warrior.

Here are photos of the two


firstladysisters6.PNG firstladysisters5.PNG



firstladysisters2.PNG  firstladysisters3.PNG




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