How Many Teslas Are In The UK?

Ever wondered how many Teslas are on UK roads? We take a look at the most popular models and identify which regions you are most likely to spot them in.

A Tesla is one of those cars you point at and say “Hey, look, it’s a Tesla!” when you spot one on the street. Why? Because it’s cool.

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Take the Model S for example. It is a zero-emissions electric car that can reach 60mph from a standing start in just 2.8 seconds thanks to something called Ludicrous Mode.

Although the Tesla Roadster may have whet the appetite of electric car fanatics back in 2010, it is the Tesla Model S that has really catapulted the Elon Musk-headed brand into the stratosphere. But how many of each Tesla model are actually in the UK? And where are you most likely to spot them?



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