Why Are So Many Quality Black Women Single Today?

Why Am I Single?

Sistahs, most interested Black men today would be a complete fool NOT to be attracted to your feminine qualities as well as your career goals and aspirations, but he will soon discover that you make very little space for him in your very hectic, self-centered, fast-pacelifestyle. Going to graduate school is a great endeavor and an alternative that previous generations of Black women did NOT have the opportunities to fulfill, but unfortunately, today, most achieving, career-oriented (Black) woman will mistakenly place her man so low on her list of priorities that his interest in her begins to decline very rapidly!


Between work, school and homework, she’s seldom “there” for him to fulfill the very important preliminaries that may solidify his lifetime commitment to her. She’s too busy to cuddle, or perhaps to watch a movie, or to prepare him a decent home-cooked meal, or to express her genuine love and appreciation for him, or to be a listening ear for his concerns simply because she’s so “preoccupied” with her own.

Ladies, knowing how to “BALANCE” your time wisely is the key to keeping any good man’s interest while at the same time accomplishing your career goals. Professional Black and non-Black women who are very happily married to Black men today can attest to this irrefutable truth.

“All I Am To Him Is A Sex Receptacle!”

This is why it seem like most Black men today are only around for uncommitted sex. It seems that way because to him she appears unavailable for everything else other than sex. Blind to the above roles most Black women play in their relationship problems today, it’s much easier for them to think that all “Black Men are only out to get one thing”, then foolishly proceed to fail an entire race of men by declaring that “ALL BLACK MEN ARE NOTHING BUT DOGS!”

And rather than evaluate her role as to why she’s single most Black women today decide they’re much better off with the degree(s) rather than the relationship. Then when she’s 35or older and a single mother with 3 or more children in tow, she begins to wish she’d set a whole different set of priorities while she was much younger. It’s not just the busy middle-age career-oriented, feminist Black woman who can’t see the forest through the trees, but the younger generations of Black women are now being mentally conditioned to embrace and suffer the same fate as their older female counterpart, then go on to repeat the same vicious cycle with their young Black daughters as well.

Sistahs, it’s all too easy to save the world and repel quality Black men!

A fighting spirit is very important on the battlefield, but a much gentler spirit is needed on the home front. Far too many Black women today are winning the battle on the job, in thechurch, and in the community, but losing the battle to maintain their homes, their children, and more importantly, their relationships.

Sometimes in their determined efforts to be strong achievers and independent thinkers, today’s contemporary Black women downplay, vilify, denigrate, bad mouth or simply forget about having those more traditional “feminine” qualities and “moral” attributes which are most attractive to any quality Black man.

“Afrocentric Beauty!”

Traditional Black men value Black women best for their unique differences NOT for their material similarities. Black men want to appreciate Black women for their beauty, style and grace, NOT for their masculine, vain, or independent (“I DON’T NEED A MAN”) attitudes. Traditional Black men also enjoy thesoftness of his woman, NOT the attitudes of those very hostile, mannish Black females who chooses to be verycombative, very competitive, very arrogant and over-reactive.

Trust me ladies, it has nothing to do with that all too popular, foolish quote most modern-day feminist Black women embrace today (“Black men can’t handle a strong Black woman!”)…..especially when those same Black women are constantly rejected by quality Black men.

“That’s a bunch of bull!”

The above quote is nothing more than a psychological “gender pride” boost for most modern-day Black feminist as well as a “self-pity” pat on the back for those same Black women who repeatedly fail miserably to maintain a happy, healthy relationship with quality Black men.

“Nigga Please!”

Good Black men with common sense meet these types of females and walk away from them as quickly as possible. There’s NO need to waste any valuable time pursuing a very combative, or a veryreactive Black woman.

Again, it’s NOT because Black men “CAN’T HANDLE A (so-called) STRONG BLACK WOMAN.” It’s because most quality Black men with common sense “CHOOSE NOT TO DEAL WITH” the unnecessary, non-productive drama that comes with most of today’s feminist Black women.

By that I mean being with certain types of Black women today is much like being with a dude, which is so frustrating and so very unattractive. NO sane Black man will waste his valuable time pursuing a masculine female he’s sure of getting into catastrophic power struggles with, or constant verbal confrontations with. That’s a recipe for disaster!!!

Unfortunately, many Black women today think that being strong requires them to act verymasculine, and that they must become very combative and very competitive with their Black men.

Sadly, this is why many of them foolishly believe they can play the role of both – father and mother to their dependent children. This is mainly because many of them have been mentally conditioned by society and the masses to “act” and “think” like men.


They can be found all over the Internet (social media) proudly celebrating and bragging about raising illegitimate, bastard children alone, while publicly giving shout-outs to one another for being nothing more than “single” mothers. This foolish mental behavior is especially escalated and celebrated on Father’s Day.

It’s a very sad situation when an entire race of FEMALES seek to “compete” with their own men for a national holiday which was designated and reserved exclusively forMALES. Rebellious White women instigated it, and wannabe Black women foolishly tagged along (as usual), embraced it and escalated it to a whole different level today.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Black women have been mentally and psychologically turned-out by Western society. And again, many of them have been made to “think” and “act” like men, which is why they are the only race of women today who have NO issues with raising illegitimate children alone. Could this be the reason why many Black children (especially Black males) are socially disenfranchised or the least successful in mainstream society today? These same Black females go on to foolishly cry and rant about the lack of quality Black men in our society on a daily basis! I guess it’ because collectively they are NOT raising any!

On that note: Black woman you can’t continue to spoil and emasculate your Black son’s then cry about the lack of quality Black men in our society today.

It is virtually impossible for this very large demographic of modern day Black females to raise Black boys to become quality Black men simply because many of them don’t even know what a quality man is…..If they did, then a very staggering 63% of them wouldn’t beraising children alone today.

Only thugs and weak, emasculated, momma’s boys tolerate engaging in foolish, non-productive skirmishes with very masculine females who seek to be; “large and in charge!” This is why the above types of females seem to only attract weak, classless, non-productive Beta males. Beta males who are seeking nothing more than to be lead and completely taken care of by a woman.

“Pu$$y..Didn’t I Tell You I Don’t
Want My Fuckin Son Around
Your Crazy Ass Bit*h?”

Real Alpha-class, self-sufficient Black men today recognize what these modern day feminist stand for and avoid them before they become the next (male) victim of their nasty attitudes, viscous tongues, and other negative drama, or all of the other harmful baggage that comes with most of them. Guys, that’s the best and most effective way to “HANDLE” the so-called “STRONG, INDEPENDENT” Black woman. Do NOT have anything to do with them! Let them continue to remain strong,independent and very combative all by themselves!

I know I advocate gender unity between Black men and Black women in other topics throughout this blog, but as much as I’m for gender unity, I’m more against Domestic Violence with regards to Black men and Black women engaging into physical altercations as a direct result of power struggles, verbal disrespect or more importantly, asa direct result of decisions made regarding money, their home and their young children. So in this case and for the sake of peace, it’s much better for both individuals to part their separate ways until they both learn what’s required of them to successfully coexist with the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, because of how the minds of our Black Sistahs have been shaped and molded by society and the masses over the past 40 plus years, it’s not going to be an easy transition for the modern day feminist Black woman to develop traditional values, or to regain those all important feminine qualities to go along-side and “BALANCE -OUT” their various “individual” skills, abilities,and accomplishments.

First and foremost, The 1970’s Feminist Movement partnered with The Welfare State which were both inspired by The Willie Lynch Conspiracies were cleverly devised to eradicate and completely destroy The 1960’s Black Power Movement as well as to destroy the two-parent African American Family unit, by separating the Black man from his women and children – AKA “The “Planned” Destruction of The Black Family Unit”. He could NOT be apart of a struggling African American household. These two destructive forms of “Social Engineering” or “Divide Then Conquer” tactics within the African American community have mentally conditioned Black men and Black women today by the masses to become enemies and competitors, rather than companions and partners, like they were during the 1960’s, which was our greatest era ever as a race of people.


Again, Feminism partnered with The Welfare System (or The Farewell Dad System) taught Black women to promote gender pride and separation as well as (government issued) independence, while the 1960’s Black Power Movement taught both Black men and Black women the importance of “race pride”, and more importantly, “gender unity” between the Black man and his African Queen. The Black man NEVER told his Queen they could not vote. He NEVER told his Queen she could NOT pursue a career. It was thewhite man who didn’t want neither the Black man or the Black woman to have the right to vote, thus the reason for the 1955 Civil Rights Movement!

Due to extreme racism throughout the 1930’s, 40’s, 50′ and 60’s, the Black man and the Black woman shared the same struggles. Neither were in a position to oppress or suppress the other. HIS-STORY was HER-STORY too! This is why most Black children today don’t have any form of “race pride”. Instead, our young females are being taught “woman power,pride and gender separation!”


On the other side of this destructive spectrum, our young males are being mentally conditioned by this societal conspiracy to become “thugs, pimps, gangsters and career womanizers. This is why America today embraces single, Black motherhood….

But I digress!


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