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Many French Of African Origin Will Vote Marine!!

The immediate replication of the bobos-idiots-useful system, snobinards of the trendy neighborhoods, and self-proclaimed VIP showbizz, displaying airs of humanist virtues in all tests, when an interlocutor disagrees with their quibbles and Their pretended universal love is to treat him as racist, then as a fascist for good measure!

So, you are immediately branded with the flame of infamy, you remind them illico “the darkest hours of our history” (which they also like to put back on the carpet, in particular to include the FN, while at the same time they deny the greatness of France and the courage of its citizens), and unfortunately this has long worked, especially on weak minds, incapable of personal reasoning, and therefore drinking constant disinformation Of the clique of well-thinking to the full (see above)!

Then learn via the social networks, that many French people of African origin are preparing to vote for Marine Le Pen … this must stop them a corner “to all these supposed good souls, unable to see that it is their To impose on the French people their smoky ideology of living together, of which they are utterly incapable of setting an example, which no longer works, by an excess of zeal becoming totally unbearable!

Because to spend holidays in Africa or in the Maghreb, in sumptuous villas bought or rented at a lower price, where one meets only “brothers and sisters” of the same rank, without otherwise worrying in the least about the conditions Life of indigenous people , often extremely miserable , it has never given legitimacy to call itself humanist, far from it!

It is also known to sensible citizens that it is precisely the shambles of politicians (and all their accomplices) who for ages have been plundering the wealth of Africa, not the ordinary citizens who are asked to Eternal repentance , when the rotten accusers carefully close their eyes and noses before those who die of hunger, or even before the present slavery which persists precisely in the zones where the ethnic subjects of their preferences reign!

My heart bleeds in front of this photo which has made the tour of the world, and whose photographer then committed suicide in front of so much horror … but the real responsible ones are alive!

The best testimony is given in this short video, in which a Frenchman, obviously of African origin, by his skin color, shows a more striking analysis than all the mystifications of the nauseous politicians knowing how to handle only perfidy and Accusations against the adversary, so incapable of sound arguments to defend their programs.

It is therefore very comforting to see that a humble man is not without common sense, and knows perfectly how to analyze the situation, totally impermeable to the false artifices of most of the candidates in this presidential election which actually feels very bad. … But the fault to whom, gentlemen and ladies, liars?

What a pleasure to see that a citizen who has probably been the victim of racist remarks on the part of the front of the front (no pun intended), knows how to do the part of things, and does not go headlong into the rag Red agitated by the manipulators to scare the citizens with the “ogre” FN.


To hear him say precisely by a man of color, whose mere speeches of the good-thinkers aim, on the contrary, only to take him and his fellow-creatures for weaknesses of mind, that he is not deceived by the game of politicians, Who are responsible for the misfortunes of the Africans, and who approve Marine of wanting the French at home, Africans in Africa, is a real camouflage to those who want to impose living together on ethnic groups that would probably be without their schemes to keep us all under their chopped off !

A second document, on the other hand, also refers to the fact that the pseudo-fear of Franco-Africans towards Marine and his party is but one of the many puzzles of the buffoos of power and their allies!


And for the perfectly bilingual, infallible supporters of Marine, here is a video including written texts, much more assimilable to those who like me do not master English, which you can enjoy, since the essence of the discourse is We rejoice in the aura that Marine enjoys abroad, contrary to the false rumors, true trash, spread by all those who fear so much for their indecent privileges:


Citizens, do not wait for the deluge to finally give your trust to the only party that, despite all the rubbish from which it is adorned, has never harmed you personally , unlike all those who “shared the cake” For decades , and who knowingly put us in the present catastrophic situation (except for their shabby people) ; Marine Le Pen and his party are certainly not perfect, but are the others? Certainly not, otherwise they would quietly await the result of the presidential election by fighting loyally instead of sending each other, filth and names of birds, with a clear preference for the one that could well put to the big Day all the corpses hidden in the cupboards for ages if it came to power, whence the redoublement of sordid affairs against them, when the accusers are themselves charged with faults often, much heavier!

Tomorrow, it will be too late ; The more we wait, the harder it will be to get up, or never to rise again. History is accelerating under the blows of the conquering Islam, already so present on our soil and in Europe, that if you elect again a globalist (which is the case of the vast majority of the candidates in this election ) He would receive him, like his predecessors, as a blank check to do as he pleased … unrelated to the beautiful promises of his campaign!

Source: Riposte Laïque



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