Manuel Valls: “Everyone Knows That Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Israel”

At the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on 23 January, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls retracted the decision made by Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – a state of affairs that “no one will question” according to him.

Manuel Valls: "Everyone knows that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel"© Albert Gea Source: Reuters
The former mayor of Evry in Barcelona, ​​December 2017, illustration

Invited on the set of the show Bourdin Direct  on January 23, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls said at the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin: “I know, and everyone knows, that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and nobody is going to question it. ”


The current MP for Essonne spoke a few moments earlier the international response to the “unilateral” decision of Washington that recognized December 6, 2017 Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  This recognition, which has aroused strong reactions in the Arab world, is not unanimous within the international community.

During his meeting with Benyamin Netanyahu at the Elysee Palace, Emmanuel Macron had for example estimated that the statements of Donald Trump on this issue were “dangerous for peace” and that this US decision seemed “not serve in the short term the security, including Israel and the Israelis themselves. “


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