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Mandela is Asked A Difficult Question, He Answers it Like The boss he Was.

Mandela Answers a member of the audience

How a statesman answer a difficult question?

Nelson Mandela was asked a very difficult question from a member of the audience during  tv program. The way he answers is in true Mandela witty style. Mandela manages to answer the question truthfully without offending anyone.


 This is the question.

Those of us who share your struggle for human rights and against apartheid, have been some how disappointed by the models of human rights that you have held up since been released in jail. You met over the last 6 months 3 times with Yasser Arafat, who you have praised. You have told Gaddafi that you share the view, and applaud him of his record on human rights and his drive for freedom and peace around the world. And you have praised Fidel Castro as a leader of human rights and said that cuba was of the countries that is head and shoulder above all other countries in human rights, despite the fact that documents of the united nations and elsewhere show that Cuba is one of the worst. I was just wondering, are these your models of leaders of human rights, and if so would you want a Gaddafi , an Arafat or Castro to be a future president of South Africa.

The transcript may contain inaccuracies orerrors

Got to listen to this. the applause is emphatic

watch video below:


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