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Manchester United: Here’s the Incredible Amount Mourinho Will Receive After Being Sacked

José Mourinho has finally been dismissed from Old Trafford, but his mid-season dismissal will be expensive for the club.

Exactly three years after José Mourinho was sacked during his second visit to Chelsea, he was fired at Manchester United after a bad start to the season in the Premier League.

But the news is not all bad for Mourinho, because he will receive a fairly generous dismissal from the Red Devils. In fact, he will receive a much larger indemnity than any of his predecessors dismissed because his dismissal took place at the beginning of the season.

How much will Jose Mourinho receive?

The start of the season was particularly difficult for the Portuguese coach but the 1-3 defeat against Liverpool last Sunday was the death blow. And only 48 hours later, José Mourinho was sacked.

This sacking will cost big money to Manchester United because of several clauses and factors.

The Daily Record initially reported that the club was to pay compensation of around 18 million pounds if it dismissed Mourinho before the end of the season.


These fees could, however, increase exponentially now because he was fired before the end of January.

United must now pay him a “supplement” Champions League, having sacked him while the club is still in competition in Europe, or still in the running to finish in the top four (although the latter scenario is unlikely).

According to the Daily Mail, United will pay the Portuguese one the sum of 22.5 million pounds, to end a contract that was to end in 2020.

Although Mourinho was paid a base salary of 18 million pounds sterling – which Man United is required to pay to sack him, the contract provided for a 25% bonus if the club was still in contention for the two main competitions at the time. his dismissal.

How much did David Moye and Louis van Gaal receive ?

Mourinho is now the third Man Utd coach to be fired after the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, though Portuguese predecessors did not win as much in their respective starting allowances.

David Moyes received about £ 5 million after being fired in 2014, and van Gaal received a similar amount in 2016.



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