Manchester City Have Spent More On Defence Than 52 Countries (See List)

After completing the club record £57million signing of Aymeric Laporte from Athetic Bilbao, Man City now spend more on their defence than 52 countries annual military budgets.

Pep Guardiola is building an armoury of amazing young players at Man City.

His latest acquisition, Aymeric Laporte from Athletic Bilbao for a club record £57million, further bolsters what is by far and away the most expensive defensive line ever put together. The club’s annual spending on defence is now £203.3m ($287.3m) which is just on transfer fees, not including wages or agents.


City have the second-most expensive goalkeeper in the world, two of the three most expensive centre backs in front of him and the two most costly full backs in the world. Benjamin Mendy (£49.3m), Kyle Walker (£45m) and Danilo (£26.5m) as well as goalkeeper Ederson (£34.9) at the back.

According to the latest available data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), a think tank dedicated to research into conflict and disarmament, City have outpaced El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago, Senegal, Chad and Guatemala with the purchase of Laporte alone.

Here is a full list of countries Manchester City have spent more than on defence this year:

Manchester City – $287.3m

Guatemala – $271.2m

Chad – $267.4m

Senegal – $254m

Trinidad & Tobago – $236.2m

El Salvador – $232.6m

Kyrgyzstan – $206.5m

Gabon – $202.8m

Afghanistan – $173.6m

Niger – $166.2m

Bosnia-Herzegovina – $164.5m

Guinea – $161.9m

Ghana – $161.8m

Burkina Faso – $149.5m

Albania – $146.6m

South Sudan – $137.5m

Mauritania – $136.1m

Jamaica – $118.4m

Cuba – $118.4m

Mozambique – $112.2m

Macedonia, FYR – $106m

Mongolia – $101.9m

Rwanda – $101m

Benin – $98.1m

Tajikistan – $95.8m

Togo – $82m

Papua New Guinea – $81.9m

Nicaragua – $72.6m

Swaziland – $67.3m

Montenegro – $67.2m

Burundi – $66.5m

Madagascar – $59.3m

Malta – $57.5m

Kosovo – $51.9m

Central African Rep. – $51.6m

Guyana – $48.9m

Fiji – $45.2m

Lesotho – $40.7m

Djibouti – $36.3m

Malawi – $33.6m

Moldova – $29.7m

Sierra Leone – $26.8m

Timor Leste – $26.2m

Mauritius – $23m

Laos – $22.7m

Belize – $20.6m

Seychelles – $18.4m

Equatorial Guinea – $18.2m

Iceland – $17.4m

Guinea-Bissau – $17m

Gambia – $14.3m

Liberia – $12.3m

Cape Verde – $10.2m


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