Manchester City Have Spent More On Defence Than 52 Countries (See List)

After completing the club record £57million signing of Aymeric Laporte from Athetic Bilbao, Man City now spend more on their defence than 52 countries annual military budgets.

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Pep Guardiola is building an armoury of amazing young players at Man City.

His latest acquisition, Aymeric Laporte from Athletic Bilbao for a club record £57million, further bolsters what is by far and away the most expensive defensive line ever put together. The club’s annual spending on defence is now £203.3m ($287.3m) which is just on transfer fees, not including wages or agents.

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City have the second-most expensive goalkeeper in the world, two of the three most expensive centre backs in front of him and the two most costly full backs in the world. Benjamin Mendy (£49.3m), Kyle Walker (£45m) and Danilo (£26.5m) as well as goalkeeper Ederson (£34.9) at the back.

According to the latest available data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), a think tank dedicated to research into conflict and disarmament, City have outpaced El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago, Senegal, Chad and Guatemala with the purchase of Laporte alone.

Here is a full list of countries Manchester City have spent more than on defence this year:

Manchester City – $287.3m

Guatemala – $271.2m

Chad – $267.4m

Senegal – $254m

Trinidad & Tobago – $236.2m

El Salvador – $232.6m

Kyrgyzstan – $206.5m

Gabon – $202.8m

Afghanistan – $173.6m

Niger – $166.2m

Bosnia-Herzegovina – $164.5m

Guinea – $161.9m

Ghana – $161.8m

Burkina Faso – $149.5m

Albania – $146.6m

South Sudan – $137.5m

Mauritania – $136.1m

Jamaica – $118.4m

Cuba – $118.4m

Mozambique – $112.2m

Macedonia, FYR – $106m

Mongolia – $101.9m

Rwanda – $101m

Benin – $98.1m

Tajikistan – $95.8m

Togo – $82m

Papua New Guinea – $81.9m

Nicaragua – $72.6m

Swaziland – $67.3m

Montenegro – $67.2m

Burundi – $66.5m

Madagascar – $59.3m

Malta – $57.5m

Kosovo – $51.9m

Central African Rep. – $51.6m

Guyana – $48.9m

Fiji – $45.2m

Lesotho – $40.7m

Djibouti – $36.3m

Malawi – $33.6m

Moldova – $29.7m

Sierra Leone – $26.8m

Timor Leste – $26.2m

Mauritius – $23m

Laos – $22.7m

Belize – $20.6m

Seychelles – $18.4m

Equatorial Guinea – $18.2m

Iceland – $17.4m

Guinea-Bissau – $17m

Gambia – $14.3m

Liberia – $12.3m

Cape Verde – $10.2m

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