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Man Who Saved Teen Girl From Violent Assault Honored By Phoenix police


The Phoenix Police Department has honored a man who saved a teenage girl from a violent assault on February 1. According to FOX 10, the teenage girl was waiting for her boyfriend in downtown Phoenix when a man confronted her and proceeded to attack her.


Per surveillance footage of the incident, a man is seen approaching a girl walking around the corner of a street. The girl attempts to walk away from the man, but he proceeds to grab her by the neck. A struggle subsequently ensues.

But a bystander, who is identified as Josh Jones, steps in to intervene after he sees the ongoing assault. Jones manages to free the teen from the suspect. He then restrains him until the police arrive. Footage shows the good Samaritan sitting on the male suspect when police respond to the scene.

For his heroics, the Phoenix Police Department honored Jones with a Citizens Award on March 22. “I just did what I thought was right,” Jones said.

“It does take a special person to not even hesitate to go and handle this. We are hiring!” Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams, also said, per 12 News.


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