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Man Who Sent Barack Obama Death Threats Now Running For Office!

A Virginia man who spent 16 months in prison for debilitating to kill then-President Barack Obama is presently running for office, with a platform of taking away women’s right to vote.

Nathan Daniel Larson, who is running for Virginia’s 31st House District, has in truth assembled the required number of signatures to put his name on the ballot, as indicated by WUSA.

Larson, however, is running on a platform of removing the right to vote for women. What’s more, he thinks fathers should be allowed to marry their daughters.


“I think women want male leadership, and so men have to be strong,” Larson explained to WUSA. “Men have to take the stances they believe are right, and women will respect that.”

Larson was convicted of a felony after sending out an email in 2009 threatening to kill Obama and, as a result, lost his voting rights. However, Gov. Terry McAuliffe restored his voting rights after his release from prison.

Larson is currently running as a libertarian, but the Libertarian Party of Virginia has said it will try to expel him from the party, leaving him only with the option to run as an independent.

“If you’re independent, it just means you’re the one who’s running an experimental campaign,” he said. “Sometimes it may mean you’re ahead of your time.”


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