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This Man Saves Abandoned Bear Cub. Six Years Later The UNTHINKABLE Happens!

Brutus the bear cub was all alone. No mother and no father in sight.

It was six years ago when Casey found the little fella alone like this. He took him into his arms, and thus began a forever friendship. Fast forward to today and their bond is stronger than ever, as is their trust with one another.

Casey is a true animal lover and has studied and handled various animals for years. He formed a special bond with Brutus and the bear actually lived inside Casey’s home, until he got too big.

Casey then decided to make his buddy his own home. Enter the Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary. It became a place not just for Brutus, but where people from all over can visit and learn all about bears.


Check out this amazing story and watch as Brutus performs in front of the camera, as he now stars in public service videos!



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