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This Man Has Killed Over 10 Million Africans And No One Talks About It!!

Take a look at this picture. Do you know who this is? Most people have not heard of it.

But you should know. When you see his face or hear his name, you should fall as sick, as when you read something about Mussolini or Hitler. In fact, he killed more than 10 million people in Congo.

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His name is King Leopold II of Belgium.

The Congo belonged to him during his reign as constitutional monarch of Belgium. After several unsuccessful colonial attempts in Asia and Africa, he settled in the Congo. He “bought” and enslaved his people, turning the whole country into his own personal slavery plantation. He disguised his commercial transactions as being “philanthropic” and “scientific” efforts under the banner of He used his enslaved labor to extract Congolese resources and services. His reign was assured by labor camps, FGM Torture, executions, and his own private army. African International Society.


The most African do not know anything about him; Even in textbooks. We do not hear about him in the media. He is not part of the widely repeated narrative of oppression (which includes things like the Holocaust during the Second World War). He is part of a long history of colonialism, imperialism, slavery and genocide in Africa that would be in contradiction with the social construction of a white narrative supremacist in our schools. He is not included in school curricula in a capitalist society. To make openly racist remarks is (sometimes) disapproved in ‘polite’ society; But it is rather fine not to speak of genocide committed in Africa by European capitalist monarchs. 1

Mark Twain wrote a satire about Leopold called “Soliloquy of King Leopold, a defense of his rule Congo”, where he mocked the king’s defense of his reign of terror, largely in the words of Leopold. It is an easy reading to 49 pages and Mark Twain is a popular author in American public schools.

You see, when you kill ten million Africans, you are not called ‘Hitler’. Your name does not come to symbolize the living incarnation of evil. Your name and photo do not produce fear, hatred and sadness. Your name is not memorized.



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