Man From Texas Finally Graduates After 17 Years in College


T. Terrell “Ian” Parker, a man from Houston, Texas has finally graduated from college after 17 years. He is a US Army officer who attended his first class in college back in August 2004.



Because of his job and other factors, he hasn’t been able to graduate until just now. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Texas Southern University, an HBCU located in the city of Houston.


“Took me 17 long years, but I did it,” Parker wrote in his LinkedIn post, quoting Abraham Lincoln. “I may walk slowly, but never backward.”


A lot of people applauded Parker’s determination in their comments.


“Hey, as long as you did it, that’s super Gr8! Not everyone has the same path to their goals and dreams but with a steadfast mind and heart, they Do It. The best to where it takes you from here,” one wrote.


“It’s never too late for greatness!” another said.


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