Man Exonerated Of Four Murders Gives Away $25K Worth Of Free Gas In Detroit



A Black man, who was exonerated after spending eight years in prison for the killings of four people, recently gave back to his Detroit community by giving away $25,000 worth of free gas to women and elderly men.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Davontae Sanford, in March, reached a $7.5 million settlement with the Detroit City Council after he filed a complaint alleging his rights had been violated by the police.

“The city had my back, so it’s only right I give back to the city and I give back to the most vulnerable,” Sanford told WJBK-TV about the gas giveaway.

Sanford was 15 years old when he was convicted of the shooting deaths of four people in 2007. His prison sentence came after he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. But Sanford later claimed he did not commit the crime, adding that he accepted a plea deal because his position was untenable. Sanford also said the lawyer who represented him wasn’t good enough.

A hit man identified as Vincent Smothers later admitted to the killings. Sanford’s convictions were ultimately dismissed in 2016 after Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy filed a request. But Worthy mentioned police misconduct as the reason behind the request for Sanford’s convictions to be dropped – not Smothers admitting to the killings.

Authorities have not brought charges against Smothers in connection with the four killings. He is, however, serving time for eight other murders.


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