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Man Breaks Guinness World Record For Fastest 50m Walk On Hands

A 24-year-old student from China Southwest Normal University, Zhang Shuang, broke the unusual world record for walking 50 meters on his hands with a football between his legs, with a time of 26.09 seconds.

The muscle-bound macho man now plans to take on another Guinness World Record, as he keeps up a tough training schedule to maintain his fitness and physical skills.


Zhang has been practicing walking on his hands since 2013, as he heard it was a way of keeping relaxed and relieving stress, at a time when he was under pressure with exams and his studies.


The idea of walking on his hands came to him after he saw on television a 37-year-old challenger winning the Guinness World Record for the fastest time taken to walk 100 meters on his hands.


Taking inspiration from what he saw, he decided that one day, he would break a similar record himself. Now a senior student in college, the Hulk-like Zhang wakes up early every morning and turns his world upside down, as he practices almost everywhere he can.


The colossal college jock’s unusual exercise methods have seen him become a big name on campus, especially with female students, thanks to his rippling biceps and impressive school grades, according to local media.


“All your efforts will finally bring you a big change,” said Zhang, “just keep going.”


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