Man Becomes A Meme After He Was Pictured Wearing A Face Mask On His Eyes And A MAGA Hat

A man has become a meme after he was pictured using his face mask as an eye mask while sleeping on a flight.


Jessica Hazeltine, a councilwoman in Medina, Ohio, boarded an Allegiant Air flight from Cleveland to Nashville to visit her sister and her family. While in the plane, she noticed a man wearing a MAGA hat, with his face mask covering his eyes, instead of his nose and mouth.


Allegiant, a budget regional airline, has taken extra precautions in the age of COVID-19 to protect its passengers.


Allegiant states that it provides each customer with a complimentary “health and safety kit,” which includes a single-use face mask and two sanitizing wipes. Allegiant requires flight crews and customers to wear a face mask in the gate area as well as on board its airplanes.



However, the man, whose hat indicates he’s a Trump supporter, misused his facemask and it led to a conversation on Twitter as people made fun of Trump and his supporters.


People also created memes with the man’s photo.


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