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Man Arrested After 3-Year Old Girl Kills Her Father Playing With a Gun

Allante Jones, a 26-year old man from Memphis, Tennessee, is facing charges in connection to the death of a 3-year old girl’s father whom she accidentally shot and killed while playing with a gun that belongs to Jones.


According to police, the girl was in the back seat of a car when she picked up the gun and it discharged. The bullet struck her father Jerome Smith in the head. His body was found in the driver’s seat.
Police said Jones was hitchhiking with Smith and a woman when he sat next to the girl in the backseat. That’s when the girl got the gun from him.

“Jones stated that he laid the handgun down and the child picked it up the gun and began playing with it,” the affidavit said.

Jones has been charged with reckless homicide and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Meanwhile, Charlie Caswell, a pastor in Memphis, said the incident can be very traumatic to the little girl and also mentioned the importance of talking about gun safety to kids regardless of their age.

“To understand the adverse childhood experiences and any trauma before their 18th birthday, this is no doubt a traumatic experience that would impact this child — the rest of this child’s life,” Caswell told reporters.


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