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This Man Approaches A Huge King Cobra Only To Place A Kiss On Its Lips! Viewers are terrified!!

This is the last thing you want to kiss in your life. And indeed kissing a King Cobra on the lips can be the last thing you do! But this man makes such advances daily and is still alive!


No wonder this video has gone viral. A young guy takes out a huge King Cobra, puts her on the grass and approaches to get a kiss. We may well call it a lethal kiss, too. In the past, a similar snake has killed his father. King Cobras are the largest venomous snakes in the world.

The young Indian guy seems to know the secret. At first, the snake looks angry and ready to bite. However, his movements calm it down. Viewers are shocked and scared. Any moment the reptile can strike and kill the man.


cobra kiss

He places a kiss on the snake’s lips and moves away just in time to avoid being bitten and killed by it. He moves in such a way that it distracts the poisonous creature. It allows him to draw closer to it, close enough to kiss. Watch the video to see it with your own eyes!

Evidently, the snake could be ridden of its poison or fangs, but in any case, kissing it is a scary thing to do.


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