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Mamoudou ‘Spider-Man Parisian’ Gassama Honoured at BET American Awards

A humanitarian gesture with no ulterior motive and he is propelled on the front of the stage, to degrees that he would never have imagined. After the medal of the City of Paris, the American black community does not remain indifferent of the good heart that Mamoudou Gassama.

Indeed, the “Spider-Man Parisian” received a humanitarian award Sunday night. Soon naturalized French, the young man of 22 years crossed the Atlantic to receive the BET award for the heroic act.

The ceremony organized by Black Entertainment Television (BET) took place this Sunday in Los Angeles. The idea is to salute the bravery and work of African Americans in various fields of entertainment. Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B or Drake have been awarded for the success of their respective record. “Black Panther” has captured most film awards. Tenniswoman Serena Williams and basketball player LeBron James, meanwhile, were celebrated on the sports side.

In the midst of this plethora of artists, actors, rich sportsmen and world-renowned, was a young man who a few weeks ago was going to be hunted as a less than nothing. The most moving moment of the evening was the award ceremony in the “Humanitarian award” category.


Although the appearance was brief, the guests were able to appreciate Mamoudou Gassama, honored for his heroic gesture in France. The idea is to urge everyone to cultivate in his environment, the virtues of solidarity, living together and self-giving. Singer John Legend logically summed it up in these words: “Everyone has the opportunity to do something extraordinary, do not be afraid to be a hero. “

Alongside Mamoudou Gassama were Anthony Borges, who blocked his body at the entrance of a class during the Parkland shooting, Shaun King, a writer who fights against discrimination against blacks, James Shaw Jr., who alone disarmed a gunman in a Tennessee restaurant, 11-year-old Naomi Wadler, who made a speech at the recent “March for Our Lives” and Justin Blackman, the only high school student in her school who demonstrated against weapons after the Parkland killings.

The six “heroes” were long acclaimed by the public.


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