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Mamadou Gassama Disappointed Not to be Appointed Minister by Emmanuel Macron: Report

Mamoudou Gassama, the young undocumented Malian who climbed a Parisian building to save a child suspended in a vacuum was received Monday at the Elysee. Emmanuel Macron suggested to the hero to apply for naturalization.

Calls to regularize Mamoudou Gassama have been heard. The Malian who rescued a child suspended on a balcony in the 18th arrondissement of Paris on Saturday is expected to apply for naturalization, said President Emmanuel Macron, who received the 22-year-old at the Elysee Palace on Monday. may.

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As it is an exceptional act, we will from now on regularize all your papers and if you wish we will initiate a procedure of naturalization so that you can become French, if you have the project “, said the head of the state during his interview at the Elysee with the young man of 22 years. “You have become an example because millions of people have seen you, so it is normal for the nation to be grateful,” he added.

In addition, Mamoudou Gassama is not satisfied with the promise made by the French president. the 22-year-old thought he had been called to the presidency to be appointed Minister of Youth and Sports.

The migrant told us by email that he had not sacrificed his life for papers and a simple post in a fire brigade, but he deserved more than that. ” What I did would have earned financial compensation and a ministerial position, ” he says.

He expected to be appointed minister, to offer a house in Paris and a service car because he claims that many people who are jealous of him threaten to kill him.

The father of the child left unattended was placed in police custody as part of an investigation by the Juvenile Protection Brigade.

At the time of reporting this news, could not verify veracity of the mail if the email was truly from the Malian Hero Mamadou himself and effort to contact him on the phone proved abortive and without success.



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