Mali’s Junta Denied Three-Year Blueprint

Mali’s military junta denied it had decided on a three-year blueprint for restoring civilian rule.

Discussions with regional mediators on the make-up and goals with the junta resumed on Monday.

“I would like to make it clear that at this stage of the discussions with the ECOWAS mediation team, nothing has been decided. At no time has there been any talk of a government with a military majority and so on.”

“Any decision regarding the size of the transition, the transitional president, the formation of the government, will be made among Malians, with political parties, socio-political groups, trade unions, signatory groups, civil society, in accordance with our first declaration,” said Colonel Ismaël Wagué, spokesman for Mali military junta.


Mali’s borders were closed upon their decision and issued threats to impose sanctions against the coup leaders. The borders were later reopened by the Junta.



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