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Mali’s Electrification Project to Illuminate 24 Villages

To meet a strong demand for electricity in the territory, the Malian government launched in early March a major project of rural electrification. This is the Solar Energy Project for Rural Development (PESDR). This project will electrify 24 villages. It is estimated at 10 billion FCFA and was launched by the Minister of Energy and Water, Malick Alhousseini. To date, the country has an electrification rate of less than 30%. In villages and other rural areas, this electrification rate is estimated at 10%.

This major rural electrification project will be implemented in two parts. The first concerns the construction of two solar power plants in two localities of the Macina circle. This is Sarro and Saye. The second part concerns the capacity building of all staff of the Malian Agency for the Development of Domestic Energy and Electrification (Amader).

This project also “reinforces Mali’s capacity for rural electrification in the localities of Sana and Saloba, in the Macina district,” said Malick Alhousseini. The Minister of Energy and Water said the project will be implemented by Amader.


Financing of IDB and Morocco

“This is the first time that villages are electrified from 100% solar power plants and this is also the first time that several villages are powered from a single power plant,” said Mamadou Ouattara, president and CEO. Amader during the launch of the project in the presence of representatives of technical and financial partners.

It should be noted that the financing of this project is supported by the Islamic Development Bank. Mali is also financially supported by Morocco to the tune of 944 million FCFA.

The PESDR will “serve as a springboard for the search for technical solutions that are increasingly adapted to rural electrification in Mali,” Mamadou Ouattara said. “We are aware that the anticipated number of beneficiaries in this project is tiny compared to the needs of the country. Nevertheless, we consider that the success of the project will provide the necessary experience to replicate this project in other similar regions, “said IDB representative Noureddine Mabrouk.


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