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Malian Super Hero, Mamoudou Gassama Enters Google Maps

Mamoudou Gassama, the Malian hero still in the good graces of the French, is not at the end of his surprises. To remember the feat, Google Maps renamed the building escaladed by the Malian.

51 rue Marx-Dormoy, the new historic site is renamed “Mamoudou Gassama’s Hall of Fame” reports lefigaro. This refers to Mamoudou Gassama who, on May 28, climbed the walls of the building to the rescue of a four-year-old child, hanging in the air. The video of the exploit of the “Spider Man Malian”, as many nicknamed Internet users, went around the social networks and earned him several titles.

In addition to the thanks of the father of the child and the Grand Vermeil medal of the City of Paris, highest distinction of the capital that has been awarded, Mamoudou Gassama was received at the Elysée by President Macron . 
Emmanuel Macron following an interview last September promised him  French nationality , for “his act of great bravery”, something that was done. The Malian has also been honored at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards in Los Angeles in the United States in the Humanitarian Award category.

Mamoudou Gassama, it must be emphasized, is currently stationed at the fire brigade of Paris where he pursues a contract of civic service.

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