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Malia Obama Locks Arms With Hot Guy In New Pics And We Hope Ex-President Barack Approves!!

Malia Obama has been spending a lot of time in New York City lately, and it looks like she’s having a blast.

When she isn’t working hard during her internship at Harvey Weinstein’s highly-acclaimed production company, she’s experiencing the nightlife the Big Apple has to offer with her famous friends.

However, based off photos that recently emerged, it looks like she’s made more than just “friends” during her time in Manhattan so far.

(We see you, Malia.)

malia obama squinting at table

REX/ Shutterstock

The former president’s daughter was spotted walking around with an extremelyattractive guy in SoHo on Wednesday night, and the pictures are adorable.

The mysterious man — who’s tall, dark and handsome — was walking alongside Malia throughout the streets of lower Manhattan.

Malia was giddy with smiles as the duo walked closely together through the crowds.

Look at ’em! They’re adorable.

I can’t help but think they have some sort of romance brewing — but that’s just my opinion.

If you look at the remainder of the photos, there seems to be another girl tagging along during their romantic SoHo adventure.


Maybe she’s a third wheel, or maybe they’re all good friends and we’re just jumping to conclusions. Nothing’s been confirmed about Malia’s love life just yet.

Either way, Malia’s guy friend is a straight-up hottie and we’re dying to know if they’re dating or not.

Hm… I wonder if Barack knows about his daughter’s handsome friend.

barack obama and malia obama walking in grass

REX/ Shutterstock

If he doesn’t, I’m sure she’ll give him the full scoop next time he visits NYC.

The last time Barack visited Malia in New York in February, they spent an adorable date night together at a cozy Italian restaurant called Emilio’s Ballato.

Maybe when he visits next, Malia will bring her “friend” along to meet Barack.

Then, we’ll know it’s serious.


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