Malia Obama, Former President’s Daughter Harassed!!






A little more than two months now that the eldest daughter of the Obama couple is in training, in New York, with producer Harvey Weinstein. A life far from her own but still under the protection of the secret services, fortunately moreover.

New York’s Tribeca district, red brick buildings, emergency stairways in front of the facades, film festival and stars. It is indeed in this district, where the price per square meter is the most expensive in New York than Scarlett Johansson, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey , to name a few, have invested in warehouses of the 19 th century Renovated in sublime lofts.


It is also in the heart of this mythical district that the producer Harvey Weinstein installed the offices of his ”  company  “. A production company whose daily Malia Obama has been pushing the doors for two months now. In charge of praying and reading the scenarios with the most potential to achieve movies, the eldest of the Obama couple flies over or lingers On all genres: comedy, drama, science fiction but also thriller. And it is unfortunately in this latter category that she has just seen reality go beyond fiction.

A Brooklyn man has been stalking and harassing former President Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, at her internship, officials said. The 30-year-old man first went on April 10 to the Tribeca building where she interns at the Weinstein Company. Officials said he begged her to marry him, using a sign, and was escorted out by the U.S. Secret Service.

He was kicked out of a second building where she interns, this one in the West Village, on April 12.
Secret Service agents interviewed the man at his apartment the next day.
He was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service notified the New York City Police Department of the incident.



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