Mali Junta To Appoint Interim President After Embargo Threat

Col Assimi Goita center who has declared himself the leader of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People is accompanied by group spokesman Ismael Wague left and group member Malick Diaw center left as they meet with a high level delegation from the West African regional bloc known as ECOWAS at the Ministry of Defense in Bamako Mali Saturday Aug 22 2020 Top West African officials are arriving in Malis capital following a coup in the nation this week to meet with the junta leaders and the deposed president in efforts to negotiate a return to civilian rule AP Photo

Mali’s ruling junta said on Wednesday that it is making moves to appoint interim president

This comes after West African leaders imposed economic sanctions after the coup, but they appear to have had a limited effect so far.

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Junta meeting with ECOWAS in Ghana

ECOWAS leaders had given one week for a civilian interim president and prime minister to be in place.

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Wague, the junta spokesman, told reporters it could not give an immediate response. A transitional charter approved at multi-party talks says the interim president can be a soldier or a civilian and will be chosen by electors selected by the junta.

The ruling junta announced a plan that would allow a military leader to oversee an 18-month transitional period but this wasn’t accepted by the opposition groups.


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