Mali Junta And Opposition In Talks After Coup

Mali’s junta headed by Army colonel Assimi Goita which seized power in a coup on Tuesday has begun to meet with senior opposition politicians in the country.

This comes amid global condemnation of the coup and mounting calls for the release of President Ibrahim Booubakar Keita and his prime minister Boubou Cisse.


There were few signs that political opposition leaders were aware of the coup plot in advance but now they stand to benefit from a transitional government promised to be put in place by the military junta

“I think the hardest part starts now. It’s a question of bringing everyone together, as I’ve always said, there are no winners and losers, we’re all Malians, so for us… even those who were with IBK (ed: Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta), if they don’t have blood on their hands, if they’re not involved in embezzlement of public funds, Issa Kaou Djim, member of the M5-RFP Strategy Committee explained in an interview.

Observers fear the political upheaval will allow Islamic extremists in Mali to expand their reach once again. The intervention came amid months long political tension between the opposition and government.

The coup is Mali’s second in eight years.


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