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Malaysian Singer Namewee Nabbed For A Music Video Which Police Say Insults Islam


Religious fundamentalists are always so quick to spare God insults – physically trying to curtail dissent when if God is as all powerful as they claim, they wouldn’t need to spare his blushes.

A singer in Malaysia known as Namewee is being held by police after allegations of insulting Islam were thrown at him.

The singer released a song earlier this year, ‘Oh My God’, for which the music video has been tagged as offensive to Muslims and Islam.


And what is in this offensive video? – it “features him rapping in front of places of worship around Malaysia.” the BBC reports.

Namewee was picked up by police Sunday, and has since been remanded in custody as further investigations continue. He is reportedly to be charged with “defiling a place of worship with intention to insult religion” – and faces a two year jail term.

The singer was reported by representatives of twenty local NGO’s, who said “We had lodged the report based on five characters that were used in the music video which had…uttered the word ‘Allah’”


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