Malawian Government Rejects UN World Happiness Report – “Malawians are happy people”

The United Nations (UN) World Happiness Report 2018 ranked Malawi as one of the least fortunate countries in the world. As the ranking had annoyed the Malawian government, the government rejected the conclusions as erroneous.

The report, an annual publication of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, ranked Malawi 147th out of 156.

Indeed, the World Happiness Report focuses on a welfare assessment, how happy people are and why.

But government spokesman and Minister of Information and Communications Nicolas Dausi rejected the report saying it is “defective”. “Malawians are happy people and can be seen with happy faces in the village and urban areas,” said the government spokesman.


Nicolas Dausi said that happiness data are notoriously subjective and should be interpreted with caution.

Although African countries are getting the worst happiness scores, a West African country has resisted the trend. Togo finished in 2015 at the bottom of the pack but was the largest in the 2018 report, up 18 places.

Latvians and Bulgarians also report higher levels of happiness.

In the lead, Finland has overtaken Norway to become the happiest nation on the planet, according to a UN report.


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