Malawian Bank “Allegedly Bans Miniskirts” – Reports

Female employees at a local bank in Malawi are no longer allowed to wear miniskirts at work, with management saying “revealing clothes” could be offensive to some families.

According to Nyasa Times, the head of human resources at Malawi Savings Bank (MSB), Richard Kunjawa, signed a memo to all staff saying that skirts must be of a reasonable length.

The leaked memo was addressed to the bank’s branch managers and section managers.

The female employees were banned against wearing any form of revealing clothes that could be distracting and offensive such as miniskirts and sleeveless blouses.


They were also banned from having “immoderate and multi coloured hair styles or dreadlocks… unco-ordinated dress style or head gear”, Face of Malawi reported.

“The overexposure by women will not be tolerated in the bank,” Malawi News Now quoted Kunjawa as saying.

Men were not safe from the clothing ban either as they were told that they would not be able to wear saggy trousers or to dress in a shabby style.

MSB maintained its stance, saying it was about respect and they believed the dress code would help check immorality.


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