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Malawi To Open Embassy In Jerusalem In 2021

Malawi foreign minister Eisenower Mkaka (R) greets Israeli foreign minister Gabi Ashkenazi in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Photo courtesy Israeli Foreign Ministry/ Gabi Ashkenazi/Twitter.

Malawi will open an embassy in Jerusalem by the summer of 2021, Malawian Foreign Minister Eisenhower Mkaka said during his visit to Israel on Tuesday.


Malawi would be the first African nation to open a full embassy in Jerusalem.

In a videotaped statement during his visit, Mkaka called the decision a “bold and significant step” and congratulated Israel for building relations with Arab and Muslim states, including new ties with African country Sudan.

Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said that he looks forward to Malawi opening its new Jerusalem embassy soon.

“This further strengthens the relations between Israel and Malawi and I call on other countries to follow Malawi and move their embassies to Jerusalem,” Ashkenzai said.

Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera first announced in September his intention to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

Malawi and Israel have had official ties since the southeastern African country won independence in 1964. However, Malawi has no embassy in Israel.


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