Malawi Police Arrests 140 People Over Suspected “Vampires” Bloodsucking Claim


Malawian police authorities say they have arrested  nothing less than a hundred and forty people following the killing of nine people in a violence over reports of ‘‘vampires” sucking blood of residents.

An epileptic man was reportedly burned to death and another person was stoned to death in the country’s second-biggest city, Blantyre.

The assault begun in September when rumors of “bloodsuckers” on the loose spread ,and the police say the situation is out of control.

People are initiating the issue of blood sucking so that they take advantage of the violence that erupts to steal.

According to local media reports, the Inspector General of Police, Lexten Kachama said currently, they have found no tangible evidence yet to incriminate those alleged to be bloodsuckers or even prove they exist.

‘‘Firstly, we discovered that in Phalombe ,two people sent phone messages telling others that they were coming to suck their blood.They have been arrested.As for incidents in Blantyre,they were simply thieves.People are initiating the issue of blood sucking so that they take advantage of the violence that erupts to steal’‘,said Kachama.

Some residents ,including health officials, teachers and traditional leader, in the Southern African nation say their homes have been destroyed following speculation they were looking after “vampires”.

The police announced that a committee made up of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security ,Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Ministry of Civic Education and Culture and the Ministry of Health to investigate the matter.


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