“Make France Great Again!”: Income from Paris, Trump Tweets With Red Balls Against Macron

Barely returned from his official visit to Paris to commemorate the Great War’s armistice with 70 heads of state, Donald Trump delivers on Twitter an acerbic vision of his meeting with Emmanuel Macron.

Customary of the exercise, Donald Trump has unsheathed his Twitter account this November 13 to deliver a sarcastic account of his official visit to Paris. He particularly darted his digital arrows towards the current tenant of the Elysee.

"Make France great again!": Income from Paris, Trump tweets with red balls against Macron© VINCENT KESSLER Source: Reuters
Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron in the courtyard of the Elysée on November 10, 2018.


At first, the strongman of Washington has targeted Emmanuel Macron to build a European army and said: “Emmanuel Macron suggests to have a clean army to protect Europe against the States United States, China and Russia. But it was Germany, during the First and Second World Wars. How did France get out? German was beginning to be learned in Paris before the United States intervened. Pay for NATO or not! “


The subject who was angry was mentioned, we could have hoped that the ban would be closed. It would be underestimating the American president who barely an hour later gave himself again to the joys of the ironic tweet … in four bursts:

“In terms of trade, France makes excellent wines, but the United States too. The problem is that France makes it very difficult to sell American wines in France and adds significant tariffs while the United States favors French wines and applies very small tariffs. It’s not fair and it must change! “


“The problem is that Emmanuel is undermined by a very low popularity rating in France, 26% [of favorable opinions] and unemployment at 10%. He was just trying to change the subject. And by the way, there is no country more nationalist than France, a very proud people and they are right! MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN! “



“And besides, when the helicopter could not take off to join the first graveyard of the course in France because of the visibility almost nil, I proposed that we go there by car. The secret services said NO. It was too far from the airport and Paris was closed. The speech took place the next day at the American cemetery in an intense rain! Nobody talked about it or almost. Fake news! “

The Elysee said it does not want to react to the series of tweets of the American president, saying a few minutes after their publication: “We refuse to comment”. An adviser to the French presidency, however, assured, during a lunch organized by the Association of the presidential press, that these tweets were “made for the Americans, otherwise they would not be written in English”. And to add: “We do not have to comment on the contents that are dedicated to his fellow citizens”.

In comments relayed by AFP, the same advisor argued that “the relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump is not always easy but [that] it [continues] (…) Beyond tweets, what is important is that they talk to each other several times a week, and that they evoke the subjects that disturb the world’s march, “concluding thus:” Donald Trump arrived among the first in Paris, and reserved his first meeting with President Macron. These signals have a much greater value than tweets that we know how and why they are made.


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