Magic Johnson Gives Total of $6,000 Cash to 2 D.C. Students to Open Bank Accounts

Magic Johnson, NBA icon and current co-owner of the Washington Commanders, spoke to around 200 youngsters from D.C. public schools at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington.

During his address, he highlighted his personal success story and encouraged the kids to pursue their aspirations, take their education seriously, and work hard.

“Just because I grew up poor didn’t mean I had poor dreams. If I can do all of those things, guess what you can do? Put your mind on doing something great. Education is key.” Johnson advised, according to WJLA 7 News.

Johnson revealed that he had benefited from the Boys & Girls Club and that he would not have attained his NBA career without them. As a result, he chose that day to assist a student in creating a bank account.

He shocked two students by handing them money. One youngster won $1,000, while Kanga Gwanyama, a 13-year-old boy, received $5,000 with the reminder to save the most of it.

“So now that young kid will have a bank account, and he’ll start understanding finance. He’ll understand, I can’t touch that. I have to save. I have to do things. That’s what happened to me. Somebody taught me that early on”, Johnson said, according to DC News Now.

Johnson also gave $50,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington through the charity foundation of the Washington Commanders. Following his speech, he distributed suite tickets to an upcoming game, as well as field passes and autographed number 32 Washington Commanders jerseys.

According to WJLA News 7, this was Johnson’s first public appearance since joining the Commanders group lead by Josh Harris.Johnson’s visit, according to WDBJ 7, was only one stop on a general tour of the area by owners coming up to the season opening.

Following Dan Snyder’s departure, the owners have been touring the area, introducing themselves to players, coaches, and the supportive community.

“It’s important because now all African Americans and minorities in this country feel like they’re owners of this team too,” Johnson explained to DC News Now.

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