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Mady Toure: “Liverpool’s Sadio Mane Called Me at 2am to Tell Me He Was Going to Die …”

Sadio Mané will play the champions league final on Saturday, June 1 against Tottenham. The Liverpool striker who is today one of the most coveted on the planet, had to face situations where he almost lost his life. Mady Touré, the president of Generation Foot told an anecdote about the player.


The last episode of the show Talents d’Afrique had as guest, Mady Touré, founder of Génération Foot, a Senegalese club. The man who had under his dome several players including Sadio Mané he says he was detected by a gardener.

On the antennas of the encrypted channel, Mady Toure said that one night, while the Senegalese striker was sick, the latter had called him to tell him he was dying. Words to which the leader quickly responded.

“No, do not die now because I have to transfer you ,  he replied. Fortunately, Sadio Mané is not dead and today, in the most beautiful way, helps his club, Liverpool, to achieve his goals.

Sadio Mané and LIverpool already in Madrid

Real Madrid have informed this Friday via a statement that the two finalists, Tottenham and Liverpool will have access to the facilities of the club of the capital (training grounds and locker rooms), May 30 and 31 for the Spurs , the morning of the 1st June for the  Reds.

Sadio Mané and his team are expected to leave their current reunion center, located in Marbella (southern Spain) on the day of the day to join Madrid in the morning.


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