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Maduro: ‘France Must Open Its Borders to Africans Unconditionally Because It Is A ……’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has again verbally attacked France. At its meeting in Caracas venezuela, Venezuelan President reportedly told France has a moral responsibility to open its borders to Africans because it is responsible for the misery there 

According to the Venezuelan president, France is the first beneficiary of African raw materials and most of which it extracts freely without paying a penny to the government of these countries. Reason why most Africans go to Europe to have a better future.

“France should assume its responsibilities and open its borders to African countries to remove the VISA for the countries it operates” he told a crowd of more than 5,000 followers.


This is not the first time that the Venezuelan president verbally attacks France. While a whole country is enjoying the success of its national team at the World Cup in Venezuela, the head of state Nicolas Maduro has delivered a clear opinion on this second star acquired at the expense of Croatia.

The France team looked like the African team. In truth, it is Africa that won, the African immigrants who arrived in France. Africa has been so despised and in this World Cup, France wins thanks to African players or sons of Africans , noted the head of state of Venezuela

France has not yet reacted to this new verbal attack by the Venezuelan leader. stay tuned for more information about this


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